Confessions of a Fanboy #3

September 14th, 2011


Hey all you Fanboys and Fangirls, it's time for another installment of Confessions of a Fanboy.

On today's episode we have the Confession of a Fangirl, Jacqueline Dunn or better known as Jax. Here's a quick bio on Jax. She's a 23 year old fangirl who works at a bookstore. She got her BA in Literature so that she could do her senior thesis on Lord of the Rings, and so that she could read old poetry every day. She love books, comics and video games. You can find out more about Jax by reading her blog at where she talk about these and other nerdy things.

If you want to confess your fanboy or fangirl-ism to me send me an email at

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